Wednesday, March 24, 2010

The Shipment Arrives Uptown

January 24, 2010 - Upper West Side, New York City

Bronx Prep's newest powerhouse Duo team continued to flex its muscles at a national tournament held locally, at Columbia University. The team of Keegon Robinson and Tiffany McLarty continued their hot streak by reaching the finals for the third tournament in a row and finishing in 4th place.

The Invitational Tournament at Columbia drew strong competition from schools throughout the northeast, so Keegon and Tiffany's success is more impressive than their 1st and 2nd place finishes in the last few weeks. Their finish proves their standing on the national level as they wowed audiences and judges alike from New York, Pennsylvania, New Jersey and throughout New England.

Tiff and Keegon were nearly joined by Deborah Allen-Carr and Tayshawn Layton, who used their own interpretation of the musical, Chicago, to bring themselves to the doorstep of the semi-finals. But, unfortunately, reaching the doorstep doesn't get you in the house and it was only Keegon and Tiffany that were representing Bronx Prep on Sunday. For the third weekend in a row, they wowed a packed house in finals and were rewarded for their efforts

Keegon and Tiffany's piece, a black-identity politics play by the experimental playwright Young Jean Lee is fresh and very funny, but not for everyone. The challenge this season will be sustaining their success beyond the comedy and shock value of the piece while working to endear themselves to judges put off by the style and heavy subject matter. Next weekend's trip to Atlanta will be the first major test in this endeavor.

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